ZAC Cycles are committed to sharing there passion and knowledge of bicycles and the lifestyle. Through honest communication, support and education on the full range of products offered we strive to meet or exceed our customer expectations.  ZAC Cycles endlessly work together to create a respectful atmosphere that can continuously improve the growth of the cycling community in the North West.

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TCR Advanced Pro 0 Review from our very own super speedy Chris Stirling

ZAC Cycles | 10/06/2018 07:26:37

Cumbria is a fantastic place for cycling with a real mix of country lanes, hills, sweeping descents and stunning views.  It’s the perfect place to ride your bike and see how it performs; if it can handle Cumbrian roads then it can handle anything!  Giant Kendal’s Chris Stirling thought it was time to try out the TCR Advanced.... More

Top 5 tips to prepare for a bike sportive

ZAC Cycles | 23/05/2018 11:02:40

If bike sportives are fairly new to you or maybe you’re about to attempt your first one, getting organised and just making it to the start line can seem more daunting than the ride itself.  We have put together our top 5 tips to help you avoid the pre-event panic and included a few links to some useful articles to.... More

Where to Ride–Weeknight winner from Kendal

ZAC Cycles | 22/05/2018 13:50:49

Weeknight winner from Kendal – 25mile (ish) bike ride Can’t think where to ride after a hard day at work, too tired for a long one but need a quick spin to work up an appetite for your spag bol tea? We’ve got just the route for you; 25 miles ish (depending where you start from in.... More

Where to Ride–Tour de Villages via Capenwray climb (35 mile route)

ZAC Cycles | 29/04/2018 17:14:57

Where to ride from Kendal – Tour de Villages via Capenwray climb Who knew there were so many villages to pass through on a bike ride? If you fancy a ride that doesn’t venture too far from civilisation and visits some lovely little places then give this one a go. It’s a 35 mile route starting from Kendal, a.... More

Cycling snacks–what should you eat on a bike ride?

ZAC Cycles | 26/04/2018 11:52:30

Racking up the miles or riding a sportive, what should you eat if you want to keep those pedals turning? This isn’t a complete guide to optimal eating for cycling written by scientists or nutritional experts but we have put together a few suggestions based on some helpful articles and thrown in our two penn’orth worth. .... More

Where to Ride–Witherslack, Winster…..Wilfs – 35mile bike route (quite a few pubs!)

ZAC Cycles | 11/04/2018 10:42:10

Where to ride?  35mile Bike Ride from Kendal Looking for a new bike ride from Kendal then this is a great route if you’ve not got long but want a couple of hills and to explore somewhere a bit different.  Check out the full detailed route here on Strava. From Kendal ride out towards Natland through.... More

Paddy’s Giant Demo Day

ZAC Cycles | 05/04/2018 13:39:45

Sometimes there is too much choice; should it be the super sleek, aero performance Propel, the race ready, climb attacking TCR or a fun, lively and good all-rounder like the Contend SL? The best way to decide is to have a ride on them all and that’s just what Paddy did. Here is Paddy’s review of all.... More

March Newsletter–Get the Summer Bikes Out

ZAC Cycles | 28/03/2018 11:21:59

NEW STUFF Introducing.......the new Propels. Nice! Propel Advanced Disc and Propel Advanced Pro Disc now in the shop, come and take a look.      2018 is an awesome year for women’s bikes.... More

Feel the wind through your helmet…..brrrrrrr

ZAC Cycles | 16/03/2018 11:48:35

We might be over the worst of winter but it’s not quite tropical enough yet to let that Cumbrian wind blow through your helmet vents or down the back of your neck! There’s a million and one origami type manoeuvers you can do with a ‘Buff’ (or version of it) to fashion yourself a cosy ear warming beanie, neck draft.... More

Dip and Chips Summit Ride

ZAC Cycles | 06/03/2018 20:51:04

If you want some hills in your week then you need to talk to Elliot and join his Wednesday night Summit Ride - or ‘Dip & Chips’ as it’s called in winter when the weather only allows as far as the ‘dip’ at the bottom as the top is covered in ice and snow! The ride starts from the.... More

Regular riders reveal all…..part two!

ZAC Cycles | 02/03/2018 15:14:02

Are you ready for more top tips, techniques and errrrrr should we say interesting advice? Our Giant Kendal regular riders are revealing all again with some slightly more sensible insights into their biking worlds. Put the kettle on again, cut yourself a big slice of cake and have a 10 minute tea break. .... More

Regular Riders Reveal All…….

ZAC Cycles | 28/02/2018 21:08:32

We might have slightly exaggerated the title but this should still be a good read. There’s a small group of riders who help out the Giant Kendal team in one way or another and are often out on our weekly rides so we decided to tap into their experience (??) and find out about their biking background. Mug of.... More

Definitely a Diversion Day…….again

ZAC Cycles | 20/02/2018 20:58:27

          The Giant Diversion Short Sleeve Jersey and arm warmers are constructed using an aerodynamic Race Fit cut, from water repellent and wind proof ProTextura™ 4-way stretch fabric……….. That’s the formal, techy overview but we wanted to know what’s it actually like to wear riding in the good old Cumbrian weather so we asked a couple of.... More

February Newsletter–Bike Workshop, Rides, Bikes and Reviews

ZAC Cycles | 18/02/2018 07:17:27

RIDES AND EVENTS Thanks to everyone who came to our Open Night, hope you had a great night and enjoyed the talks from Giant UK, Steve at Sidas UK and Robin from Team Nutrition who brought us all his new energy drink to try.  The homemade cakes went down amazingly well too! .... More

Bike bag or bike hire……now there’s a question!

ZAC Cycles | 13/02/2018 21:49:09

With the weather over here best suited to skiers rather than cyclists many of us will be escaping over the next few months in search of sunshine and some bonus miles. That’s when the dilemma starts; to hire a bike or take your own? Christine Nelson, one of our regular Liv Ladies, got in early with her sunny cycling.... More

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