ZAC Cycles are committed to sharing there passion and knowledge of bicycles and the lifestyle. Through honest communication, support and education on the full range of products offered we strive to meet or exceed our customer expectations.  ZAC Cycles endlessly work together to create a respectful atmosphere that can continuously improve the growth of the cycling community in the North West.

C/O Giant KendalThe Old Brewery, Wildman Street Kendal LA9 6EN

Latest News & Updates at ZAC Cycles

January Newsletter–Giant Rides, New Bikes and Events

ZAC Cycles | 13/01/2018 21:14:35

GIANT RIDES ARE BACK After the dodgy weather at the end of last year (and the start of this one!) we are back out there with our weekly social rides.  Too many to list here but take a look at our website for full details.  Whether you have an event to train for, need to.... More

Giant Kendal Christmas Newsletter

ZAC Cycles | 14/12/2017 21:17:44

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved, helped out or supported us this year.  Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and sparkly New Year - from everyone at Giant Kendal Team. Loads of gift ideas for the cyclist in your.... More

Meet the Liv Ladies

ZAC Cycles | 13/12/2017 20:08:17

We have a great group of riders who meet every Thursday night and now also on a Sunday (every first and third in the month). There is a good mix of people from those who have just started riding a bike, to those who are having a go at sportives, some have been riding for years, some like.... More

November Newsletter–Liv Ladies, Blinging Bikes and Blogs

ZAC Cycles | 03/12/2017 06:46:10

LIV LADIES FIRST SUNDAY RIDE  It was about time we organised a Liv Ladies Sunday ride so on 5th November we had our first one with a group of around 20 heading out in the sunshine with a cafe stop at Grange.  Fantastic ride out, lovely route and lovely company.  There will be a Liv Ladies group now on.... More

#AskGiantKendal–Who Is Giant Kendal?

ZAC Cycles | 25/11/2017 20:51:29

Ever wondered who’s in Giant Kendal Team, what do they do all day, who is it that’s fixing your bike and making sure there is plenty of gear in the shop? We are a small team of four, all called Chris, apart from Rich who we just call Chris anyway so he doesn’t feel left out   .... More

#AskGiantKendal–Words of Wisdom

ZAC Cycles | 25/11/2017 20:20:13

At Giant Kendal we love bikes and anything to do with bikes. We like talking about bikes, we like riding bikes, we like looking at new bikes, we like fixing bikes………. and we have all been riding bikes for longer than we can remember so you would think we know a thing or two about the.... More

Christmas Gifts Galore!

ZAC Cycles | 24/11/2017 21:11:10

The weeks are whizzing by to Christmas and the chaos and confusion of buying just the right gift is about to start.  Don't panic we have you covered, check out these great gift ideas from £10 up to £100 (ish) or if you really want to splash out on that special someone we have a fantastic range of bikes too!.... More

Why buy an E-bike?

ZAC Cycles | 13/11/2017 21:00:55

E-bikes are everywhere now, stealthily over taking you up hills and effortlessly whizzing past on your morning commute, so what’s so great about an E-bike, why would you want one? HERE ARE OUR TOP 3 REASONS TO GET AN E-BIKE AND A QUICK REVIEW FROM RAY WHO BOUGHT ONE LAST YEAR Quicker commute With the support.... More

Turbo versus tarmac

ZAC Cycles | 12/11/2017 19:51:24

There’s no escaping the winter weather now, over shoes are in – shorts are out and finding the motivation to drag yourself out on the bike has got that little bit harder. It’s no surprise then that many cyclists either go into hibernation until the sun comes out again in March, or dust off the turbo and set themselves up.... More

#MechanicMonday–most asked mechanic’s questions

ZAC Cycles | 04/11/2017 07:59:00

Sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere riding on your own, most likely in a rush to get home and there isn’t a bike mechanic in sight! For those arrrrgggghhhhhhh bike failure moments we have put together a few Q&As of quick fixes and top tips if you can’t get to your local bike shop. .... More

Top 5 bike maintenance tips for riding through winter

ZAC Cycles | 22/10/2017 21:37:00

CLEAN YOUR BIKE!! Yes, we know it’s the last thing you want to do, especially after a cold and wet ride, but if you have been riding through puddles, muddy or salted roads then really you should be giving your bike a good clean after every outing. At the very least a hose down, particularly.... More


bena | 20/10/2017 15:43:00

                                 We have a really great bunch of riders who join us every week for some sociable cycling.  We have the hard-core gang who turn up rain or shine, the regulars who might miss a few rides here and there and then some that just make it when they can, but everyone is always.... More

Giant all-singing and dancing NeosTrack GPS

ZAC Cycles | 08/10/2017 21:47:00

Giant decided to dip their toe into the world of GPS computers - but Giant never do half a job – instead they jumped in with both feet and have made a big, noisy splash! Quick techy overview Jam-packed with loads of scientific gadgetry for the serious cyclists who wants to improve their performance by monitoring.... More

What to expect on a Liv Ladies Ride

ZAC Cycles | 29/07/2017 07:31:07

For some, riding a bike is relatively new and turning up to ride with a group of people you have never met before can be more frightening than the actual riding itself!  If this sounds familiar then I have one piece of advice for you; count to three, get your bike out of the shed, be brave and.... More


ZAC Cycles | 21/07/2017 12:09:00

In my other articles I looked at how to increase your mileage and training to complete a 50 mile challenge and suggestions of what to eat on your ride. As you start to get more into biking you might want to look at ways to improve, how to be more comfortable on the bike if you are doing.... More

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