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Dip and Chips Summit Ride

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 06/03/2018 20:51:04

Chip n Dip FB and headlineIf you want some hills in your week then you need to talk to Elliot and join his Wednesday night Summit Ride - or ‘Dip & Chips’ as it’s called in winter when the weather only allows as far as the ‘dip’ at the bottom as the top is covered in ice and snow!

The ride starts from the back of Giant Kendal Shop at 6pm then heads up to the summit of Shap. On lighter nights the route might vary with a scenic detour via Mealbank on the way up and through Longsleddle on your return. Elliot has been to the top about 20 times in the last 6 months so you definitely won’t get lost even in the fog and murk of Shap!

One of the best bits about the ride is the visit to Far Cross Chippy at the end, although with an approximate 800 calories out and about 2000 in from that portion of fish & chips this might not be for the super speedy race snakes! Chips are of course optional and Elliot will be more than happy to help you out after he has tucked in to his usual fish, chips and a can of pop with an occasional pickled egg (don’t forget a good helping of salt and vinegar too!).

We have lots of other regular, weekly group rides if Shap summit isn’t your thing but we asked Elliot a few questions about his Wednesday night adventure if you fancy joining him for a cracking ride out.

How many people usually go on the ride?

Normally there’s about half a dozen during winter but up to 12 when the lighter nights get here.

How long are you normally out for?

Time out varies on ability but generally it’s around two hours which includes fish & chips at Far Cross Chippy!

Can anybody come, fast or slow?

I always try and encourage slower riders to join the Summit Ride, it can be a bit of a challenge for newbies but I’m always at the back of the pack to offer support.

Describe the ride in three words

Hmmmm, fun, friendly and challenging – especially when deciding what to have with your chips!

Chip n Dip blog image

What words of encouragement do you shout at your fellow summiteers to get them over the top?

Words of encouragement are always the same; this will get easier……

How do our hills up north compare to down south?

There’s no comparison to the southern ‘hills’! You can climb five or six hundred feet just for a loaf of bread around here.

Who’s your biggest summit rival?

Definitely Phil ‘Chuckle’ Coates.

What’s your secret summit food?

Poached eggs on nut loaf about two hours before the ride.

Is Wednesday night Dip and Chip Summit Ride the best Giant ride of the week?

If it has Giant in the title it’s always the best night regardless of destination.

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