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Feel the wind through your helmet…..brrrrrrr

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 16/03/2018 11:48:35

1f27f856-f51c-46de-be7c-115d32448feaWe might be over the worst of winter but it’s not quite tropical enough yet to let that Cumbrian wind blow through your helmet vents or down the back of your neck! There’s a million and one origami type manoeuvers you can do with a ‘Buff’ (or version of it) to fashion yourself a cosy ear warming beanie, neck draft excluder or full-on balaclava, most of which none of us can actually do! They are a handy thing though to have under your helmet to keep the warmth in or wear around your neck to keep the cold air out. One of our regular riders and King of the Wednesday night Summit Ride has done a quick review of the Giant Kendal branded one.

Elliot’s words of wisdom

‘Having invested in a genuine Buff last year from an outdoor shop I was all ready for this winter on the bike. Sadly it didn’t quite reach my expectations despite the rather hefty £25 price tag so I went on the search for a replacement. When I saw the £20 price tag on the Castelli / Giant Kendal ‘Buff’ I was a little hesitant to say the least but those Giant Kendal boys can be very persuasive and thankfully (as usual!) I needn’t have worried.

It’s been a fairly wild and wintery start to the year so I’ve given it a proper try out.  It clings to your face when used as a neck / mouth scarf and is brilliant as a skull cap and cycling cap. The material Castelli have used is amazingly warm and durable and keeps its shape even when washed loads.  You won’t be disappointed and I’m going to be wearing mine for a month or two yet.’

Call into the shop to get your very own Giant Kendal branded head warmer, beanie, neck draft excluder, chin and nose warmer, balaclava………also doubles as an ‘under helmet sweat out of your eyes in summer’ accessory for when that warm sunshine finally arrives.

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