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Meet the Liv Ladies

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 13/12/2017 20:08:17

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We have a great group of riders who meet every Thursday night and now also on a Sunday (every first and third in the month). There is a good mix of people from those who have just started riding a bike, to those who are having a go at sportives, some have been riding for years, some like to ride all day and others just want to ride a few hours to the café and back. The one thing we all have in common is we love riding bikes. We also organise free skills sessions and maintenance workshops for anyone just starting out or needing to brush up on a few things.

If you want to ride in a sociable, friendly group then give us a try and if you want to know who will be out riding here’s a bit of info on two of the regulars. We also have a number of other weekly rides find out more here

How long have you been riding a bike?

Angela - Started riding in April 2017 with Liv Ladies

Sharon - Longer than I probably want to admit………

Have you always been into cycling?

A - No, never really been into cycling but been interested and have previously done more running due to time constraints!

S - Pretty much yes. Always road biked but done other types of cycling along the way, my new favourite at the moment as well as road is cross biking!

What other sports do you do?

A - Running and a little swimming. Have been a member of Helm Hill and taken part in fell races, 10k's, half marathons and completed the Manchester and Edinburgh Marathons. I took part in the Great North Swim last year and have done the Boxing Day Dip in Windermere Lake!

S - Cycling is the one thing I have always carried on with but have done other stuff as well (not very good at sitting still); climbing, running, skiing, ski touring, badminton (bit of a random one!)

How often do you ride and generally how far?

A - Aim to get out and do 20 miles or so with friends on Tuesday evenings and same again on Thursday evenings with Liv Ladies. Then try to get out to do a longer ride at the weekend.

S - Not as much as I would like. Probably just ride with either the Liv Ladies on a Thursday or the Giant gang on Tuesdays and just started doing the Sunday rides recently. I ride to work every day as well so that helps with my biking fix (I get grumpy if I can’t ride).

Headline             Ride 5th nov

Have you done any events, sportives or planning to do any?

A - Took part in the Ladies Sportive – 40 mile course – was good fun! Had Farrer's coffee and toast in the morning, homemade cakes at the food station and finished off with a bacon butty....... the cycling, route and company was great too!

S - Not done any this year but done a quite few in the past and hoping to have a go again next year, I really miss doing events.

Top tips for anyone just getting into riding?

A - Just go for it! Giant/Liv family are all really friendly and will make you feel very welcome. It's great to ride with a group as it offers reassurance, gives you confidence and is a good motivator.

S - Get on your bike and just enjoy the ride. Join a group it’s easier finding that motivation to ride, especially during winter, if you are out with a friendly bunch.

Have the Thursday night rides helped you to ride more?

A - Definitely, love riding my bike so much now that the running has taken a back seat. I would be out on the bike every day if I could!

S - Definitely. Not done as much cycling over the last few years so having a regular group to go out with has been great for reminding me how much I enjoy it and it’s good to keep riding through winter, probably wouldn’t ride far at night on my own.

What’s a typical Thursday night Liv ride like?

A - Thursday night rides are very friendly – like killing two birds with one stone... you get to socialise and exercise at the same time. Really lovely group of ladies who all look out for each other and encourage each other. The routes are very scenic and it's great to be out in the fresh air!

S - Really friendly and encouraging bunch, always make everyone feel welcome. Mix of cycling experience, some have ridden for years, some just starting out and everything in-between. The rides are usually around the local lanes but never up any huge hills so generally manageable for everyone.

What’s the worst thing when you first start riding a bit more?


S - Probably the same things however long you have been riding, the fear of not being able to keep up and everyone having to wait for you, which thankfully never happens on the Thursday rides as everyone stays together.

What are the best bits about cycling especially in a group?

A - Just love cycling, great to get out with like-minded friends and enjoy different routes. Great when we do café stops and feel great when you get back!

S - So many best bits, riding a bike just makes me smile even when I’m riding home from work in the rain. Riding in a group makes the time fly by, you have done 30 miles before you know it.

Why do you love riding your bike, is it a bit addictive?

A - It is addictive – I guess it's something to do with all those feel good endorphins!?!

S – I love being outside and a few hours on the bike is a lot of cake credits! I like that you get to explore as well, see places you probably wouldn’t go to normally especially if you are riding somewhere new on holiday.

Ride 5th Nov 3            Liv workshop

Favourite food to eat on the bike if you are doing a long ride?

A - Got to be bananas!

S - Used to be fig rolls and malt loaf years ago, now it’s probably Trek bars and cake!

Do you ride with clipless pedals or normal?

A - Just making the transition from trainers to clip in out for me falling off at traffic lights now!!

S - Always been on clipless. Had the obligatory newbie fall-offs at traffic lights and at the start of events when I first got them, but you soon get used to them and getting in and out just becomes automatic.

Night riding – scary or fun?

A - Fun – great riding in the evenings in the summer but also great in the winter too, with the right clothing and LIGHTS!

S - Awesome! You don’t notice the hills because you can’t see them and feels like more of an adventure when you are out in the middle of nowhere and everyone else is at home watching boring TV.

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