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TCR Advanced Pro 0 Review from our very own super speedy Chris Stirling

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 10/06/2018 07:26:37

TCR Advanced Pro 0 review

Cumbria is a fantastic place for cycling with a real mix of country lanes, hills, sweeping descents and stunning views.  It’s the perfect place to ride your bike and see how it performs; if it can handle Cumbrian roads then it can handle anything!  Giant Kendal’s Chris Stirling thought it was time to try out the TCR Advanced Pro 0 for himself after hearing all the great comments in the shop so here is what he thought.

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 review

Giant describe the TCR Advanced Pro as a ‘total race bike’ and everyone who owns one has only good things to say about them.  I’ve been riding the TCR Advanced Pro 0 around my local Cumbrian roads since September on steep up-hills, twisty and fast downhills and technical back lanes – the perfect terrain to test the bikes’ all-round abilities of climbing, handling and comfort.

Getting up those Cumbrian climbs on the Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0

Just looking at the TCR with its thin tubes and SLR carbon wheelset it looks superlight; great for going up-hill but would it be stiff and responsive? A resounding, yes! This is where the TCR excels, the way it delivers power to the road when you push over small rollers or get into a rhythm on longer climbs is something I have never felt before on a bike. Fitted with a 52/36 front and 11/30 cassette you might worry the gearing is a bit high but the responsiveness combined with light weight will surprise you how effortless this bike makes even the steeper climbs feel.

How does the TCR handle?

The geometry of a bike can hugely affect the handling and Giant have got the compact build of this TCR just right giving it a sporty but planted feel on even the steepest of descents. The first time I rode down the Struggle into Ambleside (20% in places!) I remember the confidence I felt and how easily the TCR Advanced Pro allowed me to negotiate the hairpins; the carbon steerer tube and Overdrive 2 headset providing stability in and out of corners at speed. Sporty but never twitchy is the best way to sum it up.

The TCR’s responsiveness also applies to acceleration on the flat. It’s an awesome feeling riding through a corner, getting out of the saddle on the drops and pushing hard while the bike takes off smoothly and effortlessly gets you back up to speed.

Racing or riding all day – does the TCR Advanced Pro feel comfortable?

Giant haven’t added any gimmicks claiming to increase comfort but it’s amazing how great this bike feels and yet its performance and stiffness as a carbon race bike is uncompromised. Even after four hours of riding some dicey and rough road conditions I still felt fresh; as far as race bikes go this one is super comfy!

From a fit point of view it does have a fairly long top tube and short head tube but there are plenty of spacers you can play about with so even if you aren’t the most flexible person in the world, like me, you can still find the perfect set up.

Wheels and braking – top performance on the TCR!

Giant don’t shout about their wheelsets too much but they are packed with technology and design features that you don’t get on more expensive wheels from other well-known manufactures. I have to admit to initially being a little worried about how the TCR Advanced wheel set up would handle heavy breaking in wet conditions down steep climbs or scrubbing speed off quickly. The concern with carbon wheels can be that braking is unpredictable and they heat up and lock up but with Giants’ specifically designed brake pads my TCR wheels remained solid with superb handling and performed the best in poor conditions compared to others I have tried. They also come fitted with tubeless tyres which are fantastic (no punctures so far!) and once worn in have performed perfectly with great grip and feel. I often change the wheels and tyres on a new bike but with such a great set up my TCR is staying just as it is.

What’s the verdict on my Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0?

I love this bike! I would describe it as the perfect Lake District racing and training bike. It feels exciting to ride and always puts a smile on my face every time I go out on it.

We have some demo TCR Advanced Pros at Giant Kendal so come and try one out and see what you think.

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