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Turbo versus tarmac

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 12/11/2017 19:51:24

night rideThere’s no escaping the winter weather now, over shoes are in – shorts are out and finding the motivation to drag yourself out on the bike has got that little bit harder. It’s no surprise then that many cyclists either go into hibernation until the sun comes out again in March, or dust off the turbo and set themselves up for a winter of starring at their garage door.

For some people it works amazingly well as they emerge in spring lean, mean super speedy machines. However, we are here to try and persuade you to dig out your warm winter gear, layer up, wrap up and get outside. It’s way more fun!


Cake Credits

Generally, winter riding is a bit chillier than in summer and with colder weather comes metabolic changes that means increased fat burning. You usually have to work a bit harder in the cold which means that second helping of cake at the café stop is more than justified.

The Views are Better

Whilst a session on the turbo, or rollers, does have its benefits; it’s warm and dry, you won’t have to hose your bike off afterwards and it’s great if you are short on time, but what do you look at for an hour? One of the main reasons we all love riding bikes is that you get to ride in the fresh air, explore new places, take in the scenery and just be outside. Not sure a concrete wall with spiders or being wedged in the spare room with a mountain of boxes is going to do much for our enthusiasm.

Character Building

A bit ‘old school’ but battling the elements on your bike is great for mental and physical toughness (grrrrrrrr). If you are planning on racing or taking part in a sportive then getting in those winter miles is a great base and if you can ride 40 miles in the rain with a head wind then you can definitely ride 60 miles in the sunshine.

You Won’t Get Bored

No matter how dedicated you are, is there really anyone out there who gets excited about a turbo session? No-one ever gets bored riding outside, you can chat to your mates, wave at fellow cyclists and contemplate how to get to the top of monster hills without your lungs exploding then enjoy the awesome downhill on the other side.

bikes in a rowBike Handling Bonus

If you want to get better at riding your bike, then you need to ride your bike. Cornering, descending, sprinting up hills or learning to bunny-hop pot holes isn’t going to happen if you are sat grinding away on your turbo. There’s no substitute for improving your bike handling skills than getting out on those wintery wet roads and riding your bike.

Whatever the great Cumbrian weather chucks at us, outside still gets our vote!  If you want to brave the cold with us this winter then take a look at our list of weekly social group rides and come and join us.

Need something bright for those night riding adventures, you will certainly be seen in this men’s NightVision 3 Jacket or ladie’s NightVision Evo, or keep those hands toasty and bright with the Giant Illume Chill gloves.

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