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Where to Ride–Tour de Villages via Capenwray climb (35 mile route)

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 29/04/2018 17:14:57

Where to ride from Kendal_Tour de Villages via CapenwrayWhere to ride from Kendal – Tour de Villages via Capenwray climb

Who knew there were so many villages to pass through on a bike ride? If you fancy a ride that doesn’t venture too far from civilisation and visits some lovely little places then give this one a go. It’s a 35 mile route starting from Kendal, a brief description of the ride is below (quite a few turns on this one) or check out the detailed mapped version on Strava.

Ride the popular route from Kendal

From Kendal head out along the popular cyclists’ route to Natland and on to Sedgwick where you turn left under the bridge then left again up a short hill, wave at all the cars on the bypass as you ride over the bridge and on to Hincaster. A couple more little climbs and you get your reward on a swoopy downhill to a T junction, turn right, then right again at the next one then a quick left and you are on your way to Ackenthwaite (blink and you’ll miss it!)

Through Ackenthwaite and it’s another right at the T junction then a quick left straight after and you are heading towards the brilliantly named ‘Whasset’. Riding on probably still familiar roads keep going in the direction of Holme and pop into the Smithy Inn if you fancy a pint and a bag of crisps on the way past. More waving at cars on the motorway as you ride over the bridge then take a right to ride through to Burton in Kendal. Short stretch of not very exciting riding after you leave Burton but not long until you are back onto lovely lanes and views of villages when you take a left to Priest Hutton.

Where to ride from Kendal_Tour de Villages via CapenwrayWhere to ride from Kendal_Tour de Villages via CapenwrayCapenwray climb

Wiggle your way through the picturesque Priest Hutton with its retro red phone box and on to beautiful Borwick. Enjoy the views and the riding as you are about to go up Capenwray. For anyone who has done the Capenwray Road Race once up this long and winding hill would be their birthdays and Christmas all at once as they get the pleasure of doing it six times, just incase it doesn’t break them the first time. It’s a cracking climb so enjoy it at your own pace and look forward to another swoopy downhill on the other side.

At the bottom turn left and power your way downwards along the road into Arkhome. Then it’s a nice ride with some fantastic views over to the Yorkshire Dales all the way to Kirkby Lonsdale through Whittington.

If you like to have a café stop on your ride then Kirkby is the perfect place. Plenty of bike friendly cafes to choose from for a quick cuppa and cake or a mountain of beans on toast and coffee, just don’t forget there are still a couple of short and sharp hills to drag those café legs and full tummy up to get you home!

On your way home from Kirkby

Head up the hill out of Kirkby and keep following the road through the pretty village of Kearstwick then the horrible hill at Old Town. It’s not especially steep or super long but it’s just one of those hills that never gets any easier and I’m convinced the top moves further away each time I do it. On the plus side, it’s an awesome hill to ride down so definitely try riding this route the other way round some time.

Where to ride from Kendal_Tour de Villages via Capenwray         Where to ride from Kendal_Tour de Villages via Capenwray

Once you have skipped over the hill enjoy a fast descent and swing a right off the main road on to Old School Road. This is part of a classic road race circuit used for the Westmorland Tankard and Bob Swailes Memorial both run by local Kent Valley Road Club. An awesome circuit with a bit of everything; leg zapping climbs, super speedy descents and furiously fast from the start with a load of pot holes thrown in just to liven things up a bit. Follow the road, take in the views then it’s a left at the T junction. Wind your way along, over the motorway bridge with one last wave to the cars below then turn right at the T junction down the hill into Old Hutton (the road race route turns left back up the hill).

Not far from home now and through Old Hutton is one of the best ways to head back into Kendal with some fantastically fast and sweeping descents and some not so fast, cheeky, short up-hills. Keep on this road all the way back to Kendal and once you have cracked the climb just before the Station Inn Pub it’s all down-hill back home for beans on toast (food of champions!).

Happy riding!  Check out the detailed mapped route here.

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