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Why buy an E-bike?

   Words by ZAC Cycles

   on 13/11/2017 21:00:55

IMG_20170529_180207_057E-bikes are everywhere now, stealthily over taking you up hills and effortlessly whizzing past on your morning commute, so what’s so great about an E-bike, why would you want one?


Quicker commute

With the support of a motor even those Monday morning commutes won’t seem so bad and you can arrive at work a little bit quicker than usual with less effort and less sweating!

Ride more!

With that added oomph now helping you whizz along, it’s so much easier to ride further and faster and if you have issues with your joints or knees an E-bike will have much less impact on them so you can ride for longer as well.

Flying up the hills

Some people love going up hills and some would rather avoid them wherever possible, which can be tricky living in Cumbria! With the helping hand of a motor you can now explore all those hilly places you used to by-pass and just enjoy the ride.

Road-Eplus1_Close-up_chain front          Road-Eplus1_Close-up_chain back view          Road-E_plus1_Close-up_side view


Ray bought a Giant Road E+1 bike about a year ago and sent this review to let us know how he was getting on with his new bike.

“I have not ridden a bike for 40 years.  The reason for looking at an E-bike was so I could go out with my daughter (who is a lot fitter) allowing us to spend some quality time.  I find the bike easy to maintain and comfortable to ride and now have no problem in going to do the longer miles, 80 miles plus sometimes and I would recommend the bike to anyone.

An E-bike has given me the opportunity to go cycling again, something I’ve not really done since being a teenager and it’s also given me a pleasurable way to spend my spare time. It has also helped me to lose some 15kg in weight and lowered my blood pressure from being in the high range down to normal. Personally I know how much better I am health wise, and it is all down to the E-bike.

Many thanks to the Giant Kendal Team. Ray”.

Since buying the bike Ray and his daughter have completed the C2C, a 100 mile ride and had many other adventures, clocking up around 5500km with around 5500m of elevation.

We have got more bikes arriving soon from the new 2018 range so take a look at our website for your new E-bike, men’s and women’s, keep in touch with us on Facebook too for all the latest product news.

If you want more info on E-bikes or want to chat to someone from the Giant Kendal team then get in touch via email give us a call 01539 728057 or pop in to the shop.

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