ZAC Cycles are committed to sharing there passion and knowledge of bicycles and the lifestyle. Through honest communication, support and education on the full range of products offered we strive to meet or exceed our customer expectations.  ZAC Cycles endlessly work together to create a respectful atmosphere that can continuously improve the growth of the cycling community in the North West.

C/O Giant KendalThe Old Brewery, Wildman Street Kendal LA9 6EN

ZAC Cycles Supported schemes

Cycle To Work

Here at ZAC Cycles we have combined forces with CycleScheme to bring you savings of up to 40% off the RRP of Giant bikes and additional gear! This offer provides employers in the with a successful cycle-to-work scheme that promises many personal and environmental benefits.

This scheme is run through employers, and each employee who is on the scheme will save Income Tax (PAYE) and National Insurance in order to encourage the adoption of cycling to work. So what are the steps to getting a bike through CycleScheme?

Start Cycling To Work

Firstly, your employer will need to be signed onto the scheme. Once this is complete you can call us (01539 728057) or visit ZAC Cycles @ Giant Store Kendal to explore what bikes are available and any additional gear you require. After you have selected your equipment you will then receive a written quote for the value of the items you have chosen.

You then need to go to your employers CycleScheme web address to request your certificate. You can ask your manager or CycleScheme administrator if you are unsure what to do.

Next we will ask your employer to confirm your eligibility and approve your request, to which an invoice will then be sent for the bike package. In addition, a hire agreement will be sent you to for you to sign. Once the bike is paid for we will send you a printed certificate, which you can then bring to us in exchange for the bike and gear that you selected.

You can visit the CycleScheme website for more information, including an instant savings calculator, so why not try it out today and see how much you could save! You can alternatively explore all the savings you can make with expert information by calling ZAC Cycles on 01539 728057.

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